The Minnesota Wild vs Washington Capitals 4-2: Reactions

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The Minnesota Wild vs Washington Capitals 4-2: Reactions
The Minnesota Wild vs Washington Capitals 4-2: Reactions

The Minnesota Wild won against the Washington Capitals 4-2. Spurgeon spoke about his impressions after the match. "It's one thing we preach about on this team is that everyone can contribute, and in the [offensive] zone it's anyone's turn," Spurgeon said for "Tonight, the [defensemen] had the chances, and they were fortunate to go in." Washington coach Peter Laviolette is happy with his team's performance, although he believes that some things could have been better.

"There's not much I didn't like about it,"-Peter Laviolette said. "There are things that could be a little bit better, but I thought our guys pressed and played hard the entire night." Gustavsson saved his team with a great save after Johansson's shot.

"It came around me, and then I just looked back and I saw the puck dropping down and just kind of lift a little bit from my foot, and I think it hit my skate," Gustavsson said. "You need to stop it somehow. You just try and figure out how to move that part of your body and lift it a little bit."

Johansson and his shot

Johansson still doesn't know why he didn't manage to score, but he knows that sometimes things can't be ideal.

Johansson said, "I think it was rolling on top of his leg. I don't know how it didn't go in, but that's how it goes sometimes I guess." Wild coach Dean Evason is aware that his team could not cope at its best against the Minnesota Wilds.

"We clearly didn't start on time,"-Dean Evason said. "We talked about that this morning. They're probably going to roll in with some momentum from what they did last night, and they did. We didn't handle it very well. Fortunately, our goaltender did. He started on time, and we had a lot of guys that did but a lot of guys that didn't."

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