Edmonton Oilers 4:2 Vancouver Canucks: Reactions


Edmonton Oilers 4:2 Vancouver Canucks: Reactions
Edmonton Oilers 4:2 Vancouver Canucks: Reactions

The Edmonton Oilers won 4-2 over the Vancouver Canucks. McDavid broke a record and scored 40 goals in 48 games, just like Pavel Bure. "I've seen a lot of his highlights, and he skated like the wind and scored some beautiful goals," McDavid said of Bure, as quoted by nhl.com "So to be in the same breath as him, you're obviously doing something good." McDavid revealed his team's winning formula.

"Whether it's on the score sheet or playing physical, or blocking a shot or being solid defensively, I think we're getting contributions up and down the lineup," McDavid said. "And then a little maturity. We found ourselves in some tight games and are finding a way to close them out, and that's a big part of winning."

Bruce Boudreau

Bruce Boudreau cried after the game after fans chanted.

It seems that he will no longer be the coach of Vancouver. "I just wanted to savour looking at the stands because who knows if I'm ever going to get this chance again," Boudreau said. "I don't think I lost the room, just lost games.

I just had 15 [players] come up to me, we're all crying together, which is silly for us men to do sometimes. But I think they would have went through a wall for me, and as a coach, that's all you can ask for, quite frankly." Hyman is not surprised by McDavid's record.

"No surprise," Hyman said. "I think everybody knows what he's capable of. He's a pass-first guy, but he's shooting more and he's scoring more, and I think it's a credit to him for working on it. It doesn't happen overnight." McDavid also praised Hyman and his efforts.

"He's doing a lot of really good things and he's obviously feeling it offensively as well," McDavid said. "You obviously notice how hard he works and if you're playing against him, it's a tiring night just because he's like a dog on a bone on the puck. That's the biggest thing that jumps out playing with him."

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