Boston Bruins 4-0 San Jose Sharks: Reactions

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Boston Bruins 4-0 San Jose Sharks: Reactions
Boston Bruins 4-0 San Jose Sharks: Reactions

The Boston Bruins won 4-0 against the San Jose Sharks. Bruins defenseman Charlie McAvoy is overjoyed for his team. "It's a lot of fun to show up for work every night, and really feel like you can win every night,"-Charlie McAvoy said for "I think everybody just brings out the best in each other.

It's something you just want to savor, right? Because it's really special what we got going here." Linus Ullmark was one of the best on the pitch and he did a lot of work with his saves. "I have no clue [how the blade came out]," Ullmark said. "I had some skate issues before the game, but we took care of that.

… I was just happy they didn't shoot [before the change]."

Jim Montgomery

Bruins coach Jim Montgomery did not forget to praise the team and what they did. "I thought our best defense was our [offensive] zone possession game,"-Jim Montgomery said. "Our defensemen kept a lot of pucks alive being really aggressive, and all I know is it's great to have an elite [defensive] core like we do led by Lindholm and McAvoy -- who scored two unbelievable goals to get us going -- and I thought they led us tonight with our intensity and puck possession game."
David Quinn did not forget to praise his opponent.

"No mystery why they have the record they have,"-David Quinn said. "Obviously, I didn't think we were on our game in a lot of areas. [We] hung around a little bit, but you know, just two goals to get beat 1-on-1, and just didn't get much going tonight." Lindholm knows the quality of this league well.

"If you could put it in the back of the net every game, you would," Lindholm said. "It's a league with good players and good goalies, so it's not as easy as it looks, but it's fun that we can create some offense and take some load off [David] Pastrnak and Marchand, so they can get a little night off."

Boston Bruins San Jose Sharks

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