San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals 4-1: Reactions


San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals 4-1: Reactions
San Jose Sharks vs Washington Capitals 4-1: Reactions

The San Jose Sharks managed to defeat the Washington Capitals 4-1. Karlsson has nine points. He is one of the best players in the NFL this season, as the team coach noticed. "This is a legit Norris Trophy winner. There's not a better defenseman in the League right now," -David Quinn said, as quoted by "I know the points get a lot attention as they should, but all these other things you need a defenseman to do for the most part he's done throughout the season." Karlsson is happy that his team finished the trip.

"We're obviously happy with the way that we're ending this road trip," Karlsson said. "This is usually the hardest game to play for any road team when you've been gone for a long time. Ready to go back home." Aaron Dell commented on the match.

"Jumped on a plane and got here kind of late last night," Dell said. "Early game, kind of right back to the rink right away. Haven't really had time to think about it a whole lot, actually. Just been kind of go, go go. Kind of a crazy turn of events."

Laviolette's opinion

Washington coach Peter Laviolette is concerned because his team did not look good enough.

"They were better than us in a lot of different areas," - Peter Laviolette said. "We were reaching. We weren't working and turned the puck over too many times. We just weren't good enough to win a game." Lindgren believes that this was not an easy match.

"I think the way the game started for myself, that first goal, I think you know, that didn't set the team up, didn't put them in a good spot," Lindgren said. "Obviously, that's one [save] I want to have, and once you're down 1-0, you're trying to battle back."

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