Chicago Blackhawks won 5-3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs: Reactions


Chicago Blackhawks won 5-3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs: Reactions

The Chicago Blackhawks won 5-3 against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Patrick Kane was one of the best in the team, and with a hat trick and an assist, he was of great help to his team. "Just got some chances tonight, obviously," said Kane, as quoted by "Going back to the last couple games, playing with Max Domi and [Philipp Kurashev], been getting some looks, and [it's] nice to capitalize on them.

Always nice to have a game like that at home." Blackhawks coach Luke Richardson is happy about his team's great play, considering that they didn't want to give up a single moment. "We never backed down. Anytime they got a goal, we went right back at them,"-Luke Richardson said.

"We had good, fast shifts the other way, and that's a good responding point for our team right now. We have different guys in the lineup, and they've been in and out for two or three games together, and they're starting to jell a little bit and get comfortable."

Sheldon Keefe on his team

Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe believes that his team felt tired.

"I just thought we were clearly a very tired group right from the start and made tired mistakes," -Sheldon Keefe said. "When you're tired, you've got to be really smart and structured and all of that. Some of the clean looks we gave up tonight are the result of not being smart." "That kind of mistakes you look at, but in terms of the energy and the execution, as a group, we knew this was going to be a tough one today." Ilya Samsonov is back after a stomach illness.

"I had a skate [Saturday], 30 minutes, probably," Samsonov said. "I feel better today, but it's still a little bit hard after I lost a lot of water. A little bit hard today. That's a hard game for us, for the whole team."

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