John Tavares on Connor McDavid: It's just incredible what he can do

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John Tavares on Connor McDavid: It's just incredible what he can do

John Tavares is a great player. He is one of the best in the NHL. However, the player who particularly impresses him this season is Connor McDavid. Tavares is blown away with his qualities, confidence and everything else. "No, I don't think [I've seen anything like it]," Tavares said, as quoted by "He's on pace for numbers that we haven't seen since [Wayne] Gretzky and [Mario] Lemieux, so pretty good two guys to be comparing with if your numbers are matching up with [them].

It's pretty remarkable. He makes everybody just look so slow. It's just incredible what he can do, not just how fast he is but what he does at that speed and how he thinks the game. Everyone sees the confidence and how aggressive he is looking to attack the net, shooting the puck and being deceptive with it the way he has developed his released."

Connor McDavid on his team

The Oilers will play the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday.

McDavid is happy about the match and expects a lot from his team. "It's always special a little bit," said McDavid. "Especially it's Saturday night, they always have us playing on a Monday or a Wednesday night or something like that, but it's nice it's on a Saturday." McDavid is focused only on winning, nothing else.

He expects his team to show their maximum against a team that is very dangerous this season. It will be an interesting duel between two quality teams and a clash of quality players. "I want an Edmonton Oilers win, that's all I want," McDavid said.

"If [a lot of offense is] how it works out personally, great. If not and I have to play a lesser role, that's great too. The biggest thing is coming in here and winning a big game against a good team in a tough building. That's our focus."

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