Alex Tuch on his impressions of the match after scoring 2 goals

Buffalo Sabers achieved a victory against the Toronto Maple Leafs (4:3)

by Sead Dedovic
Alex Tuch on his impressions of the match after scoring 2 goals

The Buffalo Sabres won against the Toronto Maple Leafs. Alex Tuch was great, he scored 2 goals for his team's victory (4:3). Tuch explained the game from his perspective, and he was satisfied with his team's victory. "I thought we just got back to trying to work and make simple plays and then one line after another and another," Tuch said, as quoted by "It makes a huge difference out there, especially in the second period with those long changes.

So, if you can hem a line in for one, two changes, it's huge. It causes a lot of disruption in their lines, especially if you have their top guys out getting tired or their top guys sitting on the bench not being able to play.

So I think it helps a lot, and it's little things like that that really create momentum and allow you to just roll it over."

Don Granato on his team's performance

Sabres coach Don Granato emphasized how important this victory was, given that they were unlucky in some matches.

Defensively, they looked great. Granato gave them instructions and they did what he wanted. This is certainly an important victory for his team. "Tonight was important for us because we played really well the other night (2-1 overtime loss to the New York Rangers on Saturday) and didn't get a win and didn't get the reward of the work," Sabres coach Don Granato said.

"We've talked a lot about the work being defending, defending the right way and playing the right way. Tonight it wasn't working on the scoreboard halfway through the game, but sticking with the process … again, the chatter on the bench, there was no emotion, no extra wasted energy anywhere.

They were dialed in. This group knows they can score. We're trying to sell that other side to them and believe in that confidence. Obviously, it came through tonight."

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