Dallas Stars won 5-1 vs the Nashville Predators

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Dallas Stars won 5-1 vs the Nashville Predators
Dallas Stars won 5-1 vs the Nashville Predators (Provided by Financial World)

The Dallas Stars won 5-1 vs the Nashville Predators. Robertson was especially impressive, becoming the first player in Stars' history to score 100 points. He is delighted because of his success, but also because of the team's success.

"We want that first seed, but you have to clinch first," Robertson said, as quoted by nhl.com "You've got to get that X on your name, then you can move forward. We kind of have the opportunity to really try to move up the standings in these next couple of games.

Playoff hockey is coming back to Dallas, so that's big, and [hitting 100 points is] a special milestone."

Peter DeBoer

Dallas coach Peter DeBoer is happy about the victory in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Many believed that Dallas would not make the playoffs.

The players did not listen to such comments and worked hard. The results had to come. "We got off to a great start, so everyone kind of assumed we were going to be a playoff team," Dallas coach Peter DeBoer said. "If you rewind to the beginning of the season, a lot of people were picking us as a bubble team.

The guys put in a lot of work, and it's an accomplishment in this league to punch your ticket for one of those 16 playoff spots. It was a lot of work. I'm glad we're in, and that gives you a chance now." Nashville coach John Hynes emphasized that his team had several opportunities that they did not take advantage of.

In the rest of the game, they fell a lot, and Dallas knew how to punish that. "I thought we had a good effort,"-John Hynes said. "I thought we had some opportunities early in the game to score and we didn't. Obviously, I thought the third goal was a little bit of a killer for us.

Overall, I didn't think it was an effort thing. I just thought special teams played a big part of it, and we didn't score on our opportunities earlier in the game that I thought would have kept it a little bit tighter and maybe gave us a little bit more momentum."

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