David Pastrnak hat trick and Bruins record: Made history today


David Pastrnak hat trick and Bruins record: Made history today

The Boston Bruins achieved a 5:3 victory over the Philadelphia Flyers. David Pastrnak was one of the best individuals on the team with a hat trick and an assist. Pastrnak is happy because they 'wrote' history with their 63rd win.

"It's been a lot of fun, I'm not going to lie," Pastrnak said, as quoted by nhl.com "It's been enjoyable, especially the group we have here. We obviously knew the stakes, and it's definitely special to hit it in a game like this.

Made history today. Our focus each day is to get better each game and get prepared for playoffs. Obviously the record is amazing but we're building toward something bigger than the NHL record. That's our focus." Boston coach Jim Montgomery praised each player, the unity and chemistry that exists on the team.

All this has a huge impact on the current situation. "For our team, it means that everything that we believe in, being process-oriented, staying in the moment, caring about each other, respecting each other, and how hard we play for each other, I think the word team is exemplified with that group in there,"-Jim Montgomery said.

Players' statement

Joel Farabee emphasized that his team did their best, but the opponent seemed to be too strong. "I think probably the last 10 games it could have gotten ugly for us, but we've dug down and tried to stay in games," Farabee said.

"We felt like we gave ourselves an opportunity there. They're a really good team, they play really structured." Bertuzzi commented on Pastrnak's great performance. "It's easy when you're passing it to him," Bertuzzi said. "He was feeling it tonight.

It's a big accomplishment for him. He's been a great player for this team this year. It was good to see him get it."