Toronto Maple Leafs won 4-3 vs the Tampa Bay Lighting


Toronto Maple Leafs won 4-3 vs the Tampa Bay Lighting
Toronto Maple Leafs won 4-3 vs the Tampa Bay Lighting

The Toronto Maple Leafs won 4-3 vs the Tampa Bay Lighting. Morgan Rielly was one of the better players in his team. Rielly spoke about his impressions after the match and could not hide his happiness. "It feels good just to get the win.

Ultimately, that's truly the first thing you think about," Rielly said, as quoted by "It's late in the overtime period and it's nice to close it out. [O'Reilly] seems to really like those moments and those challenges.

If you watch him over the course of a game you really appreciate the things that he does. He had the game-tying goal, the block (on Victor Hedman's shot at 19:59 of the third period), and won the face-off in overtime. His name is all over this game." O'Reilly is happy with the unity of the team.

"I think 'Sammy' was the biggest thing," O'Reilly said. "Getting out of that second period just down by one was a huge thing. It wasn't our best by any means, but we stuck with it. Everyone got working, and that's a big one for us."

Hagel and Keefe's impressions

Brandon Hagel emphasized the nice play of his team.

However, it seems that this was not enough. "We think we played a great game, but it is what it is," Hagel said. "They got one in the end and they got one in overtime, so we're down 2-1 in the series. But it's a seven-game series, and if we continue to play like that, I love our chances." Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe is satisfied with his team's fight.

They did not want to give up even a single moment. "I thought we pulled it out because we stayed with it," Toronto coach Sheldon Keefe said. "We bent but we did not break. I don't think we played poorly. I thought the Lightning played incredibly well, but we stayed with it.

At times we had to rely on 'Sammy' tonight. Because we defended well and battled hard, they didn't get a lot to our net."

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