Florida Panthers beat Boston Bruins 4-3 in Game 5


Florida Panthers beat Boston Bruins 4-3 in Game 5
Florida Panthers beat Boston Bruins 4-3 in Game 5

Florida Panthers won 4-3 vs Boston Bruins in match 5. Matthew Tkachuk was a key player for his team after scoring in overtime. He is aware of how important this victory is for his team. "Super excited. Live to fight another day," Tkachuk said, as quoted by nhl.com "[Bobrovsky] makes a [heck] of a save [at the end of regulation], otherwise our season's over, and then we go out and we're able to score pretty early in overtime.

Things happen fast in [the] playoffs, and now they've got to come down to Florida to play another one." Linus Ullmark made a big mistake that allowed the opponent to score a goal. "I tried to put myself in a position where he can't bank it off me.

Unfortunately, it hits my skate and ends up in the wrong hands, and from there it was kind of a situation where I couldn't get back into position, and he takes it by and puts it in."

Sergei Bobrovsky's statement

Sergei Bobrovsky was also one of the best in this match with 44 saves.

He knew the danger from the opposing team, but that didn't stop them from showing a higher level and eventually winning. "Playoffs, it's the best time to play hockey," Bobrovsky said. "So I enjoyed tonight, and guys helped a lot, so we [defended] really well against a really, really good team.

They got good offensive guys and they played great too. We're happy with the win." Patrice Bergeron emphasized how close the match was to going one way or the other. It is far from the fact that his team played badly, but sometimes you have to be lucky.

However, we must not forget how important concentration is in the important moments of the match. "It's a game of inches at times," Bergeron said. "You don't want to give them freebies, if you will. I think that's who we are. Our structure has always been something that gives us success, and I think learning from that and when we're able to kind of move north-south and [in] straight lines we're able to get the puck behind and generate a little bit more."

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