Roope Hintz's form amazes many!

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Roope Hintz's form amazes many!
Roope Hintz's form amazes many! (Provided by Financial World)

Roope Hintz is in great shape. After a 5-2 win against the Seattle Kraken in Game 5, Hintz could be happy as he scored 2 goals and had one assist. Stars coach Peter DeBoer is delighted with the form of his player and is aware of how important he is to his team.

"He's been just an absolute monster for us this playoff, at the most important times," Stars coach Peter DeBoer said, as quoted by "I mean, this is obviously a critical game for our group, and he comes out in the first 10 minutes and basically lets everyone in the building know that he's here to play and dragging our group around, and he's done that the entire playoff.

It's almost been a little bit of a coming out party for him. I think he's been a playoff player before, and a good playoff player, but he hasn't been a dominant playoff player. That's what he looks like in this year's playoffs." There are many who believe that Hintz is an underrated player and that he deserves more attention.

Stars goalie Jake Oettinger shares his opinion with others: "Yeah. I think if he was on the [Toronto] Maple Leafs, he'd been in all different kind of conversations and stuff. I don't think he cares at all. He's a great player, and he's stepped up this whole playoffs.

He's been our best player."

Joel Hanley and Joe Pavelkis reacted to Hintz

Joel Hanley was also one of the better ones. He had a great assist for Hintz. "It was not even, like, a one-timer," Hanley said. "He just grabbed it and shot it and beat the goalie.

I think he's just dangerous, and he's just breaking the surface." Joe Pavelski is aware of how important Hintz is to them. "He's got a good range of skills," Pavelski said. "He's done that all year. Obviously, it's a big moment, buys us that extra goal that we were looking for. Just a nice play."