US National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) to raise salary cap, add two teams

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US National Women’s Hockey League (NWHL) to raise salary cap, add two teams

Earlier this week, the Premier Hockey Federation (PHF) had issued a statement saying that the PHF had been brewing off an option to double up each teams’ salary cap to $750,000, while the National Women’s Hockey League would witness an additional two franchises on next season as PHF looks to cash in on an increase in attention what Women’s Hockey usually experiences during Winter Olympics season.

Aside from that, the Premier Hockey Federation had added in the statement that its board of governors would invest more than a whopping $25 million over next three years, illustrating a dialectic move that had reportedly been fostered in a bid to warm up its relationship with the US and Canadian National Team players who had been contemplating a potential link-up with North America’s lone professional women’s hockey league.

The six-team PHF, in tandem, had added that it had been working out a plan to add a new team in Montreal, while another expansion of the franchises would be in the United States.

PHF to nearly double up salary cap

Meanwhile, citing an out and out optimism over PHF’s latest decision, PHF Commissioner Ty Tumminia said in an interview with a press agency, “It’s an amazing investment by the ownership, and it really reaffirms the strength of their commitment to being a difference-maker in women’s hockey.

“It’s important for us to advance to our next season and be crystal clear about the direction we’re headed, and what framework will be so that all athletes can make an informed decision about their careers."

According to the financial terms of the newly reached accord, a raise in salary cap from previous season’s $300,000 would stem an average salary of $37,500 taking account of a minimum of 20-player roster.