Reactions of the Avalanche coach and captain to the MacKinnon-Hall incident

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Reactions of the Avalanche coach and captain to the MacKinnon-Hall incident

Avalanche captain Gabriel Landeskog believes that the move made by Taylor Hall over Nathan MacKinnon was not so bad but that he should still pay the price for it and be punished “The hit in itself - l looked at it during intermission - I don’t think was that bad,” Landeskog said, as quoted by masslive Still, he sided with his teammate and supported him But ultimately when one of your best friends and teammate, and ultimately your best player gets hit like that in the neutral zone, you have to make sure that next time anyone thinks about doing that, they have to pay a price." "That there’s going to be some consequences for that.

It doesn’t have to be a dirty play for that to happen”. Hall, however, did not want to react
“Hall didn’t want to answer for it. That’s unfortunate,” Landeskog said and later added. “I was trying to force him to.

He didn’t want to. That’s O.K”.

Colorado coach Jared Bednar reaction

Colorado coach Jared Bednar is pleased with the reaction of the referees, but.. “I didn’t like it. Blindside. A little late, a little high,” he said.

“The way he catches him, Nate’s stick goes up so I believe they probably made the right call. But I don’t love the hit. Whether it’s really solid or just a glancing blow, it’s the kind of hit the league is trying to get rid of”.

Jared Bednar could be satisfied with his players and their reaction and they will have many more matches and many more points “Just because the department of player safety doesn’t deem something that bad. It’s what your team is willing to accept,” Bednar said.

“If your players don’t like it, they’ll try to get you to answer the bell. I have no problem with the way our guys handled it”.