Edmonton Oilers made a deal with Evander Kane

After everything, it was certain that he would part with his former club

by Sead Dedovic
Edmonton Oilers made a deal with Evander Kane

Evander Kane, a great forward, has signed a contract with Edmonton Oilers Although there have been many stories that the HNL will punish its player for violating the COVID protocol, it will not happen "The National Hockey League announced today that it has concluded its investigation into the circumstances pursuant to which Evander Kane travelled cross-border during the Holiday Period." "The report prepared in connection with the investigation, which was conducted by Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler LLP, concluded that there was insufficient evidence to 'conclusively find that Mr.

Kane knowingly made misrepresentations regarding his COVID-19 status or test results in connection with his international travel." "As a result, the League has determined not to pursue any additional League-imposed discipline against Kane at the current time," read the statement.

Evander Kane played for the Atlanta Thrashers, Winnipeg Jets, Buffalo Sabers, and San Jose Sharks, in which he had a great career and had a great performance.

Evander Kane's incidents

Still, the time has come to change the environment.

Evander Kane is known for the large number of incidents he committed. One of the incidents is the accusation by his ex-wife of sesual assault and multiple instances of domestic battery. There was a lot of pressure on him then, and it certainly influenced him to shift the focus from the NHL to other things The incidents did not end.

In October last year, Evander Kane tried to falsify the vaccination certificate, and after that, the HNL decided to suspend him for 21 matches. After everything, it was certain that he would part with his former club and that he would have to look for a new environment.

The Edmonton Oilers gave the chance to an experienced forward but the question is whether it will pay off. It is certain that Evander Kane is a great player and has a lot of experience, but some are skeptical, but he will have the opportunity to convince them otherwise This is a chance to silence critics and show his full potential

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