Patrice Bergeron happy for NHL Winter Classic in Boston

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Patrice Bergeron happy for NHL Winter Classic in Boston

Patrice Bergeron participated in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition. He was not happy with his performance but he was happy for his children who attended "Obviously you'd like to do better than what I did at that particular point," said Bergeron, as quoted by nhl "When you lose your rhythm it's hard to get it back.

I came here to enjoy myself. My kids were on the bench. It was an amazing night. I had a lot of fun. The kids loved it and enjoyed it. He thinks that this is a fantastic experience for children and that they will remember this and talk about it.

It is certainly an honor to participate in a competition like this "I think it's gonna be something that they're gonna remember, especially my oldest [Zack]," said Bergeron. "He's at an age where he's gonna be able to remember and hopefully have some good memories out of it.

I know I will. That was a blast."

Patrice Bergeron on NHL Winter Classic in Boston

Patrice Bergeron is happy for one NHL Winter Classic in Boston. The league will hold its annual event at Fenway Park in 2023. For Bergeron, this will be the 4th event since he has been on the team “It’s always a great event, the league does a great job,” Bergeron said after the 2022 NHL All-Star Game, as quoted by nesn “I was able to experience it in 2010 and I have some great memories out of it.

So it’s awesome”. Patrice Bergeron will have high expectations, and he is expecting a very interesting event. Given the experience he has, Bergeron is likely to enjoy the field
“So far, all the Winter Classics that we’ve had have been somewhat mild, nothing close to what Minnesota had this year,” Bergeron said.

“So I guess you got to prepare for whatever but yeah, usually Boston typically — it’s cold, but it’s not quite as cold”.