Chicago Blackhawks fire athletic trainer after alleged se*ual harassment

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Chicago Blackhawks fire athletic trainer after alleged se*ual harassment

The Chicago Blackhawks have decided to fire athletic trainer D.J. Jones in the previous year, and the reason for that is se*ual harassment. It seems that the victim was a member of the team and that the event happened a few years ago.

Yet now it was as if the truth had been revealed. This has been a long time coming, but justice has come at the right time "Recently, when allegations of se*ual harassment in 2014 by D.J. Jones, the head athletic trainer for the Rockford IceHogs, were reported to the Blackhawks on October 27, 2021, we adhered to our new protocols and procedures, suspended Mr.

Jones, conducted an in-depth investigation over 5 days and, following the conclusive results, terminated Mr. Jones on November 3, 2021," according to a team statement.

Blackhawks statement about this problem

The Blackhawks are firmly with their players and their team, and obviously do not want any abuse in the team, which is enough to say their act of firing the coach.

“Under our new leadership, we have made it crystal clear that nothing is more important than the safety and well-being of our players and employees, and there is a zero-tolerance policy for any violation of our standards of conduct in our organization,” the Blackhawks said Sunday.

“We have done a lot of work to ensure an environment where employees are encouraged to feel safe coming forward, even if it is about wrongdoing that occurred in the past”. Indeed, it is amazing how much such news there is in the world of sports, but also in the whole world.

However, what can make us happy is that most victims are talking more and more openly about it, which is certainly a great help and a good step towards stopping such things. That is why it is necessary for all of us to talk openly about it and work on stopping such phenomena in our society.

Obviously we need to develop awareness of this from an early age and be actors in preventing it