David Krejci doesn't rule out a return to Boston Bruins

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David Krejci doesn't rule out a return to Boston Bruins

David Krejci could have chosen to play in the NHL, but he showed patriotism and decided to play for the Czech Republic at the Beijing Olympics. He seems to want to help his team at the moment “Obviously if I had one year left on my deal, I would be in the NHL now,” Krejci told The Associated Press this week.

“It just kind of happened to work out that way. Things happen for a reason, I believe, so I’m here now. I’ll try to take the most out of this opportunity and what comes after this, we’ll see. ” “I’m here now.

I’m going to focus on this tournament, ”Krejci said. "I don't know myself yet what's going to happen, so I'm just going to play it out."


However, not everything went so well for him, given that he was positive for the corona virus, and that he had to stay at the hotel for a few days.

It seems, however, that he endured all this well, and that he used it in the best possible way
“I was stuck in my room for two days, but at least I got some rest, watched some movies, did a little stretching, worked out,” he said.

“It wasn’t too bad. I’m just trying to take the positives out of it. Hopefully the worst is behind me, and I can just focus on practice and games. ” It seems that Krejci does not regret his decision not to play in the NHL and that he is happy that everything turned out like this.

He would be even happier if his team achieved some success. We'll see how much he will help their team “It’s been great,” Krejci said. “It’s definitely been a great experience for me, my Czech family, my American family. It’s been really good. But now I’m here, so I’m excited to be here. ”