Ugo Monye on Eddie Jones: "Fans aren't buying into it anymore"

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Ugo Monye on Eddie Jones: "Fans aren't buying into it anymore"
Ugo Monye on Eddie Jones: "Fans aren't buying into it anymore"

England wing Ugo Monye decided to criticize England coach Eddie Jones because of the bad results. The Rugby World Cup is the goal! "Fans aren't buying into it anymore," Monye told Rugby Union Weekly, as quoted by "The number one thing Eddie Jones has to fix is that relationship." Monye believes that Jones is an excellent coach, but now is the time for a change.

Monye recalled some similar cases in football. "If he goes, I think there will be people saying it should have happened sooner given the Six Nations is in two months and then a World Cup," said Monye. "With poor results and poor performances, you need a sense of faith backed by more than just a gut feeling - there needs to be something tangible behind it.

"It is hard to find that tangible evidence at the moment. "I don't think anyone is saying Eddie Jones is a bad coach, he has an incredible proven track record. "But if I look at football…Jose Mourinho is a great coach, but that relationship ran its course at Chelsea and other clubs.

"I look at Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. He did so many incredible things, he was behind the Invincibles [the unbeaten Premier League champions of 2004], but he was there too long and he had to go. "There are so many examples of world-class coaches who stay too long."

Danny Care on Jones

Scrum-half Danny Care recalled his time playing under Jones.

Jones was the ideal coach for him, but he is aware that the results are not exactly the best. "Eddie has been my best coach as an England player," he told Rugby Union Weekly. "He sees things in the game that not many others that I have worked with see.

"There are obviously issues in that camp, whether that is a confidence thing or a clarity thing, I am not sure. "When I went back into the squad in the summer [tour of Australia] for three Tests, the camp harmony was amazing.

"The coach-player relationship was fantastic. I thought Eddie was different from the last time I worked with him [in 2018]. "He was way more accepting of players being who they want to be, he wanted players to go out and run the squad, it was a very player-led environment.

"I don't know what has gone on this autumn, but you look at the results and performances and they aren't good enough."