Eddie Jones found a new job!

"For the moment in a period like this, he needs to breathe.."

by Sead Dedovic
Eddie Jones found a new job!

After receiving his dismissal, ex-England head coach Eddie Jones quickly forgot about it and was already focused on the next project. Pierre-Henry Broncan, the head coach of Castres Olympique, revealed that Jones could become the team's consultant.

Jones should take a break and make a good decision about the next challenge, according to many people. “It’s a complicated period for him, he has want to go back to Japan because his wife is Japanese and his mother is there.

He will recharge his batteries in Japan at first. Then he will come here. Eddie Jones will be on the market and he will quickly be picked up by a club or a nation, he will not be free for long. For the moment in a period like this, he needs to breathe, to put himself aside a little ”-he said, as quoted by rugbypass.com.

Pierre-Henry Broncan on Eddie Jones

Pierre-Henry Broncan also revealed how he met Jones. He immediately made it clear that he had a high opinion of him, which is understandable, given that Jones is a great coach. There is a great deal of excitement among the team that an experienced professional who can make a big difference and help the French team will be arriving soon.

“I met him when I was in Bath, he is someone who is really passionate about rugby. He arrived at my house on Thursday evening and since we watched Béziers-Mont-de-Marsan, impressed to see all these ProD2 matches televised.

He likes it, it’s as if it were two hunting fans talking together. He was in Lille for the allocation of training camps on Monday. He will leave at the end of the morning tomorrow, coffee at my place with another coach.

Even the players were happy. It’s Mr. Eddie Jones, quite simply”. We will see how he manages in his new workplace.