Usain Bolt storry: Early career, cricket, father's pressure

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Usain Bolt storry: Early career, cricket, father's pressure
Usain Bolt storry: Early career, cricket, father's pressure (Provided by Financial World)

Usain Bolt is a man who has achieved so much success in his career that it would take us a long time to list all his successes. He will be remembered as one of the 'greatest' athletes, and the records he broke speak volumes about him as an athlete.

In addition to his sporting success, Bolt is also a great humanitarian and a man of great heart. However, his life was not easy from the beginning and he had to overcome many obstacles to reach the top. This is exactly the greatest success, when you start from the bottom and become the 'greatest'

Usain Bolt was born in Jamaica, and like most of his peers he loved football, but in addition to football, his great love was cricket. Although he trained cricket, the coach decided that it was better to become an athlete, because it was clear how fast Bolt is and what potential he has for athletics.

"After he was born, I noticed that he was fast because after three weeks he was pushing because he was so strong," - Usain Bolt's mother said, as quoted by Aljazeera “He weighed 9.5lb at birth. One day I left him on the bed, and when I came back he was close to falling off, so from then I was saying, ‘What kind of a child is this? I’ve never seen that ’”.

Senior career

Already at the age of 15, he became a junior champion, and it could be noticed that he is one of the greatest talents. ‘Father and mother were always at my races and cheering. And while my mother pampered me, my father always pressured me and made sure I went to training, 'Bolt said.

In 2005 he started his senior career, and already in 2007 he won two silver medals at the World Championships. But what happened at the 2008 Olympics will forever be remembered as one of his greatest successes. In all three disciplines (100 m, 200 m, 4x100 m) he took gold with new world records (9.69, 19.30, 37.10).

It is also fascinating that he defended his titles at the next Olympic Games (2012, 2016). 'I have proved to the world that I am the best. That's why I said that this is my last Olympic Games, I don't have to prove anything anymore ', the Jamaican repeated his decision to leave.

Usain Bolt