2012 Olympic gold medal stripped from Natalya Antyukh


2012 Olympic gold medal stripped from Natalya Antyukh

Russian athlete Natalja Nikolajewna Antjuch was stripped of the gold medal she won in 2012 in the 400-meter hurdles race at the London Olympics. The International Athletics Federation (IAAF), more precisely the Commission for the Preservation of Integrity and Regularity of Athletics, decided to cancel all the results Antjuh achieved between July 2012 and June 2013 after repeated testing of her blood sample found an illegal stimulant.

"Following AIU charges based on LIMS data, Russian athlete Natalia Antyukh has been banned for the use of a Prohibited Substance/Method. DQ results from 15 July 2012 until 29 June 2013," the AIU said in a statement. Athlete is already serving the maximum 4-year sanction for a 1st violation under the rules and her results from 30 June 2013 until 31 December 2015 are already disqualified.

Lashinda Demus is the new Olympic champion Since Antjuh was decorated with Olympic gold during that period, it was taken away from her. In her place, American Lashinda Demus has now become the Olympic champion, who won second place in the race in London, just seven-hundredths of a second behind.

The silver goes to the Czech Zuzana Hejnovov, and the bronze to the Jamaican Kaliesa Spencer, who took fourth place in the race in 2012. Antjuh, who is now retired at the age of 41, was also part of the Russian 4x400 meter relay team that won silver at the same Games, but that medal was stripped from her earlier because an illegal substance was found in her compatriot from the relay team.

Due to anti-doping rule violations, a number of other Russian athletes have also had their medals from the 2012 Olympics stripped. The list includes Mariya Savinova (800m), Olga Kaniskina (20 km walk), Svetlana Shkolina (high jump), Tatyana Lysenko (hammer throw), Darya Pishchalnikova (discus throw) and Tatyana Chernova (heptathlon). In the men's events, Russian Sergey Kirdyapkin (50 km walk) and Ivan Ukhov (high jump) had their medals stripped.

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