Running clubs across the world: it's a membership boom

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Running clubs across the world: it's a membership boom
Running clubs across the world: it's a membership boom (Provided by Financial World)

As reported by Italian newspaper Repubblica, Runners clubs across the globe are experiencing a boom in membership, as a result of the global pandemic that has hit virtually every country on the planet, forcing millions of people home for many weeks.

As our colleagues at la Repubblica report, in the UK, for example, clubs such as London's Kent AC have had over a hundred subscribers in the last year. The Serpentine Running Club, Hyde Park, also in the British capital, has increased its staff by 182 units.

And that doesn't change in many other states either. Orchard Street Runners club in Manhattan, New York has a waiting list because there are too many requests to join the club. According to Financial Times, Running Clubs have increased exponentially in membership due to the long weeks of lockdown caused by the global pandemic.

According to the studies, 30-50 year olds are the most numerous: but the surprising thing is that, although many runners love to run alone, they multiply, as can be seen in the parks of large cities, groups of 30 or 40 runners running together, men and women, who socialize as well as play sports.

Manhattan's Orchard Street Runners club also organizes runs in the middle of the night. In short, a boom that was born thanks to a critical moment for humanity.

Running and health

Running is a natural antidepressant: it stimulates the production of good mood hormones.

It is scientifically proven that running increases the levels of serotonin, the good mood hormone. In some studies it was found that the improvement in cognitive function was linked to the increase in muscle strength. Running decreases stress levels and thus facilitates night sleep.

The beneficial effects of running on the brain even reduce stress levels, helping mental relaxation and thus promoting night rest. It reduces the risk of heart disease, infections and blood pressure. Doctors and scientists have demonstrated the benefits of running on the body in various researches, even going so far as to prove the reduction of the incidence of some cancers and the prevention of osteoporosis.