Other than pandemic: Israel ready for the Dead Sea Marathon!

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Other than pandemic: Israel ready for the Dead Sea Marathon!
Other than pandemic: Israel ready for the Dead Sea Marathon! (Provided by Financial World)

Other than COVID-19 global pandemic: despite many sporting commitments and have not been canceled or reduced due to various lockdowns and restrictions across the globe, in Israel, where the fourth dose against the virus will soon be carried out, the Dead Sea Marathon will be held.

The event has reached its third edition and on February 4th in Ein Bokek the participants will run between desert and salt crystals, directly on the Dead Sea towards Jordan. The Dead Sea Land Marathon has replaced the Ein Gedi Race, a benchmark for over 30 years.

The Dead Sea Marathon is recognized by the World Long Distance Running Association AIMS and the Israeli Athletics Association and distance measurements are performed according to certified international standards. The industry operators also offer bespoke accommodation packages for runners at attractive prices at a variety of hotels in Ein Bokek, including one-night packages.

The competition takes place with the assistance and support of the Israel Chemicals Company, the Dead Sea Drainage Authority and the Government Dead Sea Protection Company.

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