Usain Bolt on his beginnings: "I was still kind of young and naive"

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Usain Bolt on his beginnings: "I was still kind of young and naive"

Usain Bolt is the most famous name in the world of athletics. He broke so many records, showed many times that he is number one, and in an interview with he talked about his beginnings “As a junior, I was really, really talented, but getting into the senior level, I was still kind of young and naive and felt like I didn’t need to work as hard to compete at a high level,” Bolt said, as quoted by puma “Going to (the 2004 Olympic Games in) Athens and not actually making it through the first round really helped me to say:‘ you know what, I need to look at myself and understand that if I want to be the best or if I want to win an Olympic gold medal, I need to be more dedicated, I need to work harder '

Usain Bolt and Olympics

What he did at the Olympics is aware that it is a huge success; “Dominating throughout the years is very important to the legacy that I built for myself. Anybody can win one Olympics, but to actually win three back-to-back Olympics over the span of eight to ten years is very difficult."

"For me, that's how I kept myself motivated and focused because I didn't skip a year, I didn't focus on four years to come, I focused on every year throughout, because those years were also important to dominate and keep training and work at a high level " What made him especially sad was that he was not at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, but also the poor results of the Jamaicans.

“When I watched the Olympics, I really missed it. Especially watching the Men's ’100m and not seeing a Jamaican in the finals really made me miss it and really wanted to be there. For me, the girls did extremely well for Jamaica.

They really showed up. Again. ” Usain Bolt will indeed remain inscribed in golden letters in the history of this sport