Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie: 'I am glad to have won silver, not gold in 1996'

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Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie: 'I am glad to have won silver, not gold in 1996'

Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie CBE is the most famous sailor who was born in Great Britain. It is superfluous to talk about the successes of this young man who has impressed everyone around him throughout his career He has always given his best, and was focused on what he loves; “When you’re out there on your own, all of a sudden you’re in complete control.

You’re in control of your own destiny. ”- Sir Charles Benedict Ainsile said as quoted by nauticalchanell CBE has achieved the greatest success since he was a child, and the fascinating silver is 96 ', but it seems that he is happy that he did not win gold.

Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie and his silver

“Someone I respected a lot said to me after the silver in ’96 that it may be the best thing that ever happened to me. If I had won a gold medal at 19, maybe everything that goes with being a gold medalist at such a young age would have distracted me and I would have lost a bit of focus.

” From 2005 and after winning 4 gold medals, he became the patron of the John Merricks Sailing Trust. It was a huge honor for him “This is an incredible honor. When I set out Olympic sailing twenty years ago, I would never have dreamed this would happen.

I couldn’t have achieved this honor without the support of all the people who have helped me throughout my career and so I hope they can also take some pride at this time. ” Indeed, Sir Charles Benedict Ainslie will be remembered as the greatest of the sport and someone many imitated.

He has shown many times how ready he is, and how much he is doing his best, and now it is up to others to try to break the records of the greatest sailor.