Ceferin: "Is UEFA Champions League Super League style? No"

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Ceferin: "Is UEFA Champions League Super League style? No"

UEFA chairman Alexander Ceferin talked about the European Soccer SuperLeague, an idea born from Real Madrid, Barcelona and Juventus, which almost led to a schism last season. Ceferin said during the Business of Football Summit organized by the Financial Times in London: "It's not football, but let's talk about it anyway.

I'm tired of this non-football project. The first time they launched it in the middle of the pandemic, now during the war: they live in a parallel world. While we work to save players in this situation, they they want to relaunch this project.

They can pay anyone to say it's a good project, but it remains a nonsense idea. Among other things, one of the managers who is now back to pushing for this project called me to apologize, but now he pulls straight ahead.

Ceferin: "Is UEFA Champions League Super League style? No"

For them the fans are consumers, for us the fans are fans.

What's more, the interesting thing is that they criticize Uefa and Eca, but one of them was president of the ECA and a week before the launch of the Super League he was praising the present system. They can play their competitions, nobody forbids them.

But if they want to play their competitions, they won't be able to play ours. Is the new Champions League in SuperLeague style? No, it is something completely different. There are still things to be clarified, so the final decision is not yet there.

Anyone who compares the two is not serious. Today we have 32 teams in the Champions League, we will have 36 but we still have to figure out how to add four places. There will be more places for medium and small leagues. And I would not compare the Super League situation with that with FIFA, we discuss with FIFA every day.

The two-year world championship is a project that nobody wants. We have discussed this with Infantino and are discussing other options, but I am sure we will find a solution. "

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