Ralf Rangnick reveals his impressions before the match with Manchester City

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Ralf Rangnick reveals his impressions before the match with Manchester City

Tomorrow is the match we have been waiting for for a long time. Manchester City and Manchester United will play a city derby in which the blue guys are the favorites this time. Ralf Rangnick is aware that his team will have a difficult task, but also in derbies, anything is possible.

Rangnick believes Manchester City have one of the best coaches to create a team strong enough to win the Champions League “We know that we are playing one of, if not the best team in the world," Rangnick admitted, as quoted by si Pep Guardiola created passionate teams.

He did a phenomenal job in Bayern Munich and continued the same in Manchester City. Still, Manchester City is still striving for the Champions League, but they are constantly missing out on the trophy. This year could be an ideal chance "They have developed well since Pep (Guardiola) arrived.

The same happened at Bayern Munich and Barcelona. He is one of the best. We know what they are all about. It will be about a lot of tactical work, fighting with and without the ball." What is the biggest problem for Manchester United is underutilized opportunities that do not turn into a goal.

United has improved the game a lot lately, but the realization of United's attackers is not up to standard.

Ralf Rangnick on creating chances

Rangnick is aware that his team is playing much better, but what they will need tomorrow is to realize their chances “We have created a lot of chances in the last ten or 11 games.

We scored four goals at Leeds and should have scored one, two or three goals against Watford. But I would have been more worried if we had not been creating chances. We are also compact when the other team is in possession of the ball." Manchester City are fighting for the title, and close to them is Liverpool, which also has a good chance.

They are aware in the City that they have to win if they want to win the title. Derbies can be tricky, but what is indisputable is that Manchester City has quality

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