Carlo Ancelotti on Mbappe: Great players always got applause at the Santiago Bernabeu

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Carlo Ancelotti on Mbappe: Great players always got applause at the Santiago Bernabeu

"We saw Paris Saint-Germain in the best edition, tomorrow you will see Real Madrid," says the Italian The Spanish capital is trembling due to the clash of the titans, clubs that are among the most financially powerful in the world.

Paris Saint-Germain wants to become what Real Madrid is - a true great of European football and the owner of the "ear cup". And in order to continue the march towards the first title of the Champions League, they will have to go through the Santiago Bernabeu.

The duel between the Royal Club and the Saints was characterized as a final before the final. It really is, because it is not only a battle for the quarterfinals of the Champions League, but also for the favor of Kylian Mbappé.

Every move and gesture of the man who solved the match in the Princes' Park - he scored for the victory of the Parisians in the 94th minute - will be under scrutiny. And, a special welcome in Madrid will have Sergio Ramos, Real's long-time captain, who is returning to the Santiago Bernabeu for the first time since he replaced his royal uniform with the Paris Saint-Germain jersey.

It is up to Real Madrid, for a start, to make up for the backlog, to neutralize the deficit of one goal. After that, Blancos will be able to think about passing. Karim Benzema is fit, and the performance of Toni Kroos is in question.

"The best Real Madrid can compete with the best Paris Saint-Germain. We saw them in the best edition, and tomorrow we will see the best Real Madrid." "Karim is fine, he is the Karim he was before he got injured. Kroos will play if he is 100 percent ready.

If he is at 95% - he will not play ", said Carlo Ancelotti at the press conference before the rematch of the match with Paris.

Carlo Ancelotti on PSG

Carlo Ancelotti is not afraid of the Saints and does not think about what the rival will prepare, but exclusively about the setting of the game and the possibilities of his team.

"I don't think about what I'm afraid of, I think about what we should do to win the ball, win the duel, how to press… Usually, before the game, I usually think about what we have to do, not what we should avoid." Fans at the Santiago Bernabeu were not unfamiliar in the past to greet artists with standing ovations.

The Real coach is convinced that it will be the same with the star of French football, who is at a turning point. Real Madrid wants him in their squad, while Paris Saint-Germain is working hard to bind him with a new contract.

"I think the contribution of the fans is very important. We have to play the game that the fans want and we will do that. The history of the Bernabeu says that great players were always greeted with applause." "Fans at the Santiago Bernabeu love great players, they like Real to win and they play well."

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