Manchester United star praised by ex coach: I have never seen a player like him


Manchester United star praised by ex coach: I have never seen a player like him

Since joining Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes has shown that he is one of the key players, and his statistics after his arrival are truly amazing. He was also a key player in Sporting, and his then coach Silas decided to talk about him only in a positive way.

Atletico Madrid were interested in him before he came to Manchester, but they were not specific enough
“He is a very Atlético player. Brutal, very competitive. We agreed with him, he left in January. It was a hard blow.

We lost [him] in the middle of the year. It was not easy to find a quick solution for that…” Silas said. “Bruno has some characteristics as a person that help him a lot. He is very outgoing. He loves football and talks about it continuously.

He speaks Portuguese, Italian, English, Spanish… and everything very well. He has an ear for language… It allows him to reach the Premier League and adapt”.

Fernandes' work ethic

Bruno has an interesting work ethic, just like his compatriot Cristiano Ronaldo.

Silas emphasizes that such a football player should not be left space “He’s a beast in training. I’ve never seen anyone like him. He stays an hour kicking, through the air, on the ground. He’s one of the best, but the teams have to help him,” his ex coach said.

“Bruno is a footballer who is not easy to stop. He is not like Messi, who dribbles around you. “Bruno’s danger is when you’re not seeing him. The ball on the wings… when the ball falls to him and there is no one in front of him, he hits it very well.

With the right, with the left. Reminds me of [Paul] Scholes. What is especially interesting about Fernandes are his passes, which are phenomenal “If you give him two metres it is like a penalty. he’s incredible. Direct free kicks… the way he kicks is incredible.

He is a team player. You will not see him dribble past three, but if he catches it on the edge, he is very dangerous. He also has a great last pass and works very well”.

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