Pep Guardiola openly about the next opponent, Atletico Madrid

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Pep Guardiola openly about the next opponent, Atletico Madrid

After beating Manchester United, Atletico Madrid drew Manchester again, but this time Manchester City. Atletico Madrid showed a good game against Manchester, especially defensively, and Pep Guardiola decided to praise it They went through an incredibly tough group stage and the game against United over 180 minutes they were better.

“The game in Madrid, fantastic first half. It is a team, they are what they are. They are able to avoid who you are, their biggest quality, for the way you play you try to impose your game but it’s difficult."

- Guardiola said, as quoted by teamtalk “Second leg away, more complicated. But the best eight teams in Europe, all are difficult”. "When this happens you have an incredible achievement as a club, institution.

That club, Simeone won’t be sacked, all the players know who is the manager. “If it doesn’t work, no manager can sustain a team like Atletico. He will be replaced but everybody knows what is their path and what they have to do.

They are incredibly consistent in the last year”.

Guardiola vs Simeone: Differences

Pep Guardiola decided to compare himself and Diego Simeone, who is one of the most interesting coaches today. There are big differences between them, and Guardiola listed just a few “I don’t understand his matches because I wasn’t in his training.

If he likes to not concede goals, I like more than him. If he wants to win games, I like more. “I like counter attacks more than him. I like a lot of things, would like to do what they are able to do. All teams concede few goals, few chances.

We try to do it with the ball; they are sometimes a bit deeper. “The first 15-20 minutes against United, United couldn’t breathe. After they used the quality. The second leg they defended but with Griezmann, Carrasco, Felix, Lodi, Llorente, Koke they can use the counter attack.

They are doing that for many years. “They reached the final of the Champions League [in 2016], for one minute didn’t win it. I’m not saying there is a comparison. They play to win and we do. “We try, knowing it will be difficult to impose our game against them.

We have to be clever, we know they will have it, have the chances to score. It doesn’t matter if we play another opponent, it would be difficult too. “We go a nice stadium, incredible stadium and we go to try and reach the semi-final. Hopefully they are worried to play against us”.