Wayne Rooney: Everyone was down because Ferguson was gone

"I thought that David Moyes had an impossible task"

by Sead Dedovic
Wayne Rooney: Everyone was down because Ferguson was gone

Sir Alex Ferguson is a coaching name that marked an era of football and someone that will be talked about for many years to come. Ferguson managed to reach many trophies with Manchester United. He had authority, attitude and the players had respect.

With his departure, everything changed. Eight years have passed and the club is nowhere near where they were. A lot of coaches have left, and now a new one is expected. Wayne Rooney emphasized the importance of Ferguson and the impact of his departure.

Ferguson will remain an eternal legend. "I thought that David Moyes had an impossible task of taking over Sir Alex Ferguson and you could see that even though we won the Premier League that season, you could see everyone was down because they knew that he was gone," Rooney said on Sky Sports' Monday Night Football.

"He is still involved in some way and I think that brings pressure on to any new managers coming in and if you want to manage Manchester United, you have to do it your way and make your own decisions."

Rooney on the new coach

Wayne Rooney believes the new coach needs to be given the confidence and time to build a team that can do a lot.

It will take a long time, because United is in big trouble. "It needs someone to come in with that time to get that club back to where it deserves to be. It's not going to happen if you keep changing manager every two years.

Ferguson was like the godfather of the club, not just the players but the staff, the academy, he was on top of everything. When you lose someone like that from the club, someone else is coming in and it's a massive change.

The new manager could be Erik ten Haag and Mauricio Pochettino, but let's wait, because the leaders of United can surprise.

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