Rio Ferdinand after the match against Everton: Marcus Rashford left me worried

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Rio Ferdinand after the match against Everton: Marcus Rashford left me worried
Rio Ferdinand after the match against Everton: Marcus Rashford left me worried

Manchester United have disappointed their fans again and now the Champions League is far from them. This can be said to be one of the worst seasons for the club from Old Trafford, and it seems that the summer could be crucial in creating a new team that will be able to match the big clubs in the coming period.

The match against Everton showed that the United players are unmotivated, and that they lack self-confidence, but of course, it is obvious that some people lack quality. One of those who was really poor again was Marcus Rashford.

Once the greatest talent of this club is not even close to the form in which it once was, and is currently under great criticism. After the game, Rio Ferdinand revealed his opinion regarding Marcus Rashford "He’s left me worried and I’m asking a lot of questions about what is going on behind the scenes.

Slumped shoulders, not as confident. "When he burst onto the scene you thought ‘oh my god this kid is a player’. I think it stems from the uncertainty of the football club. "He’s a local boy, who is desperate for this football club to do well.

He grew up on success, it’s all he saw."- Ferdinand said, as quoted by express.

Body Language

Ferdinand believes that body language says a lot, but we cannot deny that Rashford has quality, it is obvious that there are certain problems in the club "It’s deception as a football player that you hide what you’re really feeling.

I don’t think he can hide it through his body language. "He wants some success back at the club. The uncertainty with the manager and his contract. "When he’s played he’s been out of position and not played as much as he wants under this manager.

All those things mean you can understand why he’s like that, but as a player with experience, sometimes you need to put on a show for people that might not reflect how you feel at that time

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