Nemanja Vidic: Hary Maguire should not play every match

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Nemanja Vidic: Hary Maguire should not play every match

Nemanja Vidic was and remains the legend of the team from Old Trafford. Vidic does not appear much in public, but in an interview with Athletic he said a lot. Of course, his former team is in desperate shape, and Vidic commented on that "I am always optimistic, but there are many things that need to be improved.

Especially to restore team spirit. If that happens, Manchester could become a serious challenger again." "Maybe not to win the Premier League, but to be competitive." "Culture is needed. For something like that, you need to have a top personality on top.

There should be people who put the club first, I hope that the next generations of players will learn that. If the players do not understand that, then they should be taught and shown the right way. When I was 22, I was a completely different person than when I was 30.

I trusted Ferguson, his great personality. Someone has to do it at United with humility, resilience, hard work, trust and understanding." - Vidic said for Athletic

Harry Maguire

United captain Harry Maguire is under big criticism for not playing as expected of him.

“Every player has a problem with form at some time in his career,” he says. “I did and it’s clear that Maguire is not at his best this season. I think you can do a few things and one of them is not to play every match as you try to find form again and get confidence.

“A coach could play him in easier games, not that there are many in the Premier League, and take him out for harder matches. “The player needs to feel powerful and strong on the pitch again, not as it is now where he feels that it’s not happening for him.

“It’s difficult to play well when you’re under so much pressure because people are waiting for you to make a mistake”. Vidic believes that Maguire must understand that sometimes he needs a break. “It’s not a problem if a player says to his coach that he’s not feeling great on the pitch.

If he says: ‘Give me a break, give me a couple of weeks to regroup and train well and then play again’. “I had some horrible games for United and needed to find my peace and grow again”.