Pep Guardiola: Jurgen Klopp makes me a better coach

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Pep Guardiola: Jurgen Klopp makes me a better coach

Liverpool and City gave us what we expected. A phenomenal match and good goals, but also a fight to the very end. "The match was like a boxing match. Put your hands down for a second and you immediately get a serious knockout and shake a little ", Jurgen Klopp said Pep Guardiola talked about Klopp after the match and praised him "He makes me a better coach.

His teams are very aggressive in attack. I try to imitate them in that regard. We are not friends, we do not go to dinners together, I have his phone number, but I do not call him ... But I have great respect for him and he knows it.

And next Saturday I will try to beat him ", said Pep "He likes boxing matches like this. This is a great advertisement for the Premier League. Both teams wanted to win. I have the impression that we held them in life, but it's a real pleasure to watch Liverpool, I know how good they are and how hard it is to face them.

We played very, very well. I'm proud of the team. Now we have seven games left and we have to win each one, otherwise, the race will be done."

Next games

Both teams will have hard matches until the end. "I said before the game that it doesn't matter whether we win or lose.

Of course, this was a game of great importance, but we know what we need to do. We have seven difficult games ahead of us, but also them. I don't know what will happen if we win the Premier League. league, but to be here at the top for the fifth season in a row - and I want to win the title - is so good that it doesn't matter whether we win it or not, "Guardiola concluded.

Jurgen Klopp thought they could play better, but he was satisfied after all. "I liked a lot of things. I think we were closer than ever. The start of the second half was much better. City were obviously trying to harm us with balls behind their backs.

In moments when we were trying to take a break, new threats would come. This is a great match and the result." - said the German expert. "We could have played better, but in many moments we were really on the level. The intensity of the game was crazy, it was very fun, I liked it ... We showed what our goal was. "