Desportiva Ferroviária manager headbutt the lineswoman!

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Desportiva Ferroviária manager headbutt the lineswoman!

As reported by Gazzetta della Sport, in Brazil, precisely in the championship of the state Espírito Santo, a really rough fact happened. Lineswoman Marcielly Netto was hit with a header by the coach of Desportiva Ferroviária, Rafael Soriano.

The fact happened during the interval of the challenge, with the score between the two clubs stopped at 1-1. The referee whistled to end the first half in the 54th minute, but at that point Soriano invaded the pitch to protest to the referee because he didn't wait for his team to take a corner kick.

Then the header to the linesman. The referee sent Soriano off, but the manager threatened the woman again. He said: "If you say I attacked you we'll go to the police. We'll sue you. If not, I'll sue you. She's saying I attacked her.

Lie! She's just trying to take advantage of the situation because she's a woman, she pushed. the players and now she means she was attacked!"

Not only in Brazil: also Cristiano Ronaldo protagonist of a bad gesture

As we told toy, a shameful episode starring the Manchester United player in the match lost against Everton: Cristiano Ronaldo is experiencing a bad year: his Manchester United were defeated 1-0 by Everton, but for Ronaldo, in addition to the defeat, it was a day to forget.

CR7 injured his leg and vented all his anger and frustration upon leaving the field: an autistic child was resuming the moment of the Portuguese champion's passage, when Ronaldo hit the boy's hand, making him fall to earth the phone.

Sarah Kelly, mother of Jake Harding, the autistic child hit by Ronaldo, said to the Liverpool Echo: "My son was filming all the United players, then he lowered his cell phone to see Ronaldo pulling down his socks and wanted to see what it was, it was bleeding.

He took my son's phone from his hand and broke it and kept walking. I can't believe it, my son has a bruise on his hand, you can see that there is a contact, he is bewildered. He's autistic and has dyspraxia and couldn't accept what was happening.

Ronaldo is my son's idol, he kept saying I'll see Ronaldo. Now he doesn't want to attend a football match anymore, it was his first time." Merseyside police have announced that they have opened an investigation into the player.

Ronaldo posted a post on Instagram to apologize for the gesture made: "It is never easy to face emotions in difficult moments like the one we are facing. In any case, we must always be respectful, patient and lead by example to all.

young people who love our beautiful sport. I would like to apologize for my outburst and, if possible, I would like to invite this fan to watch a game at Old Trafford as a sign of fair play and sportsmanship." Ronaldo could now face a lengthy ban, but the penalties could be worse, considering the strict laws in England.