AC Milan doesn't want to win the title ?! Stefano Pioli was satisfied

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AC Milan doesn't want to win the title ?! Stefano Pioli was satisfied

AC Milan didn't seem to want to win the title and they were bad again and drew with Torino. The team played badly, they failed to find a way to the goal, and now Inter has a chance to reach the first place. Stefani Pioli, the coach of Milan, did not seem to be annoyed.

"In the past two or three weeks, whoever was declared the favorite, made a mistake. The league is very competitive, every game is difficult and you can't take anything for granted ", said Pioli and added: "We tried to win, knowing we could do better than we did last week.

I don't see that the team is in crisis. We tried to create chances, we were balanced, solid. We all know how much these games mean, because the more time passes, the more weight each point has. " Pioli on the last minutes of the game Torino's team tried to 'kill' the game, they fell too much on the pitch, and they tried in every way to disrupt the Milan players.

"I told the referee that there is no point in telling us that he will speed up the game when there are so many interruptions, so much waste of time. I was annoyed, but I didn't lack respect. " Milan thus missed a huge opportunity to consolidate in the first place, and will again have to fight with Inter, but also with Napoli and Juventus who are close, especially Napoli.

"Turin is a tough rival for everyone. We didn't have many chances to score, but we had a lot of half-chances. We fought every ball, to win every duel, but we miss that magical moment in the end. "The draw is a positive result, but we wanted to win," concluded Pioli.

There are not many games left, and 4 teams are potentially in the game. Juventus, Napoli, Milan and Inter. Inter now have a chance to get to first place and try to defend the title.