Ronaldo Lima on his career, Karim Benzema, Inter ..


Ronaldo Lima on his career, Karim Benzema, Inter ..
Ronaldo Lima on his career, Karim Benzema, Inter ..

Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima is a great legend of football as a sport and someone who marked one era of football. Older fans remember him very well because he delighted them with his moves and he was the true definition of a 'Brazilian'

Technique, ball control, shot, all that Ronaldo had. Italian Sky Sports decided to interview Ronaldo and discuss interesting topics with him. Ronaldo played for the biggest clubs: Barcelona, Inter, Real, Milan, etc. and he could have had a much bigger career if there were no injuries.

Ronaldo remembers his career with joy: "I have so many fond memories of my playing days, but what amazes me every time is the attention of people I still get wherever I appear. Everyone always shows me great respect. The results I have made with Brazil and the clubs I played for are part of the wonderful As president, I still have important responsibilities, but during my career I had great teachers like Moratti, who was my father and from whom I really learned a lot, and Florentino Perez, who drastically influenced the development and popularization of football with the Galacticos.

" Serie A and CL favorites He surprised many when he left Barcelona and signed a contract with Inter. That was great news at the time! "I had an agreement to extend my contract with Barcelona, ​​but after four days the president called me and said he could not realize it.

He told me that I was free to negotiate with other clubs, so the Nerazzurri reacted quickly and paid compensation. Italian champion was really the best in the world at the time, "Ronaldo said. He also revealed who his favorites are in the Serie A, but also who would like to win the Golden Ball.

"It's a good fight. In my opinion, Inter is playing better than the competition in Serie A and I hope they could win the title again. The favorite in the Champions League is Real Madrid. They are not in the best shape, but they have a lot of experience in that competition and Ancelotti bench, who is one of the best coaches in the world.

Benzema? He deserves the Golden Ball! I've been saying that for years, I've been criticized, but I think he deserves it, he's a great goal scorer, "said the Brazilian.

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