Ralf Rangnick on fan protests: I think they have the right to express their opinion

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Ralf Rangnick on fan protests: I think they have the right to express their opinion

Manchester United are in a big crisis and fans have already started protesting in front of Old Trafford over Glazers and their policies. Ralf Rangnick sent a message the day before: “We know that football is a game of passion and emotion,” Rangnick said.

“I think we can all understand our supporters are disappointed both with where we stand in the table but also the performance which we showed against Everton. “But I believe our supporters are one of if not the best in England and as long as they protest in a peaceful way and as along as they still support the team in the stadium I think they have the right to express their opinion.

I can understand they have been disappointed”.
There is a lot of talk about the arrival of Erik ten Haag, but for now, everyone is silent about it. "I don't know if it's a done deal. My reply is the same as Erik Ten Hag's was.

My focus is on the game tomorrow. Again, we all know he is a good manager, that he has done a good job at Ajax and also at former clubs, but right now it doesn't make sense to tell you what I think about any other coach," Rangnick told reporters.

Manchester United against Norwich City

The match against Norwich will be very important for the fight for the Champions League, although the situation is very difficult. “Five players will still be missing for tomorrow, and probably the upcoming games.

You already mentioned Fred and Scott,” the German replied to a journalist’s question. “Raphael Varane will also be out. Luke Shaw, who had his bolts and his metal stuff removed from his leg, and Edinson Cavani.

Those are the five that will be missing”. Luke Shaw has a lot of problems with injuries and will have to be out for a long time. “It seems that he will be out for another four weeks, if not five weeks. I think, for him, it will be difficult to be available for any of the seven remaining games”.