Cesc Fabregas: Football has become robotic

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Cesc Fabregas: Football has become robotic

Cesc Fabregas: Many have forgotten this great Spaniard who had the best days of his career at Arsenal. He also played for Barcelona and was a standard member of the team. He is currently playing for Monaco, where he will probably end his career.

There is a lot of controversy about football before vs now, and Fabregas described the process: 'Football has changed a lot. A lot! The change started about five years ago and is now clearly visible. I had various coaches, but it's not about one or two, but four or five.

The change has happened and will remain so. Today's methodology is based on automatism, it basically comes down to the coach telling you where to pass the ball at all times, the players are exactly in place. Football is a robotic game today, "Fabregas said.

Physical fitness is the key thing in today's football. "Many coaches are obsessed with numbers. If you don't reach certain numbers - you are not ready to play, and if you are resting, you also need to have certain numbers to maintain the level.

Sometimes I am 'old school' in that regard, but I experienced great moments in my career. I've come to without hard training or a great physical and mental season. Today they think that if you don't train you can't be good.

It's all based on science, numbers and GPS," Fabregas said.

Fabregas contract

The Spaniard wants to be a coach: "I would like to try my hand as a coach. I like to analyze matches and rivals, but I don't know when that will happen.

I would like to play for some time." Fabregas also believes Kylian Mbappe will be the number 1 in the future. "What he does, the strength he has, I haven't seen in many. He has a shot and a finish like Ronaldo and Henry.

He has that positive arrogance with which he says that he is the best and that he is aware of that. That feeds him ... He is only 22 years old, so he has 14 more at the top level, if injuries bypass him. I have no contact with Real Madrid, but if it is true that he will move there, I think it is great for him, as well as for Spanish football. He could break many records, "Fabregas concluded.