Super League: Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​no cups in 2023?


Super League: Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona, ​​no cups in 2023?

What will happen to European clubs Juventus, Real Madrid and Barcelona in the clash Superlega vs UEFA? Could the three rebel clubs face severe penalties? The Madrid judge has given UEFA back the power to sanction rebels, but YEFA has no time or desire to do so now.

Everyone will go to the next cups. Different speech for 2023-24. First there will be the disciplinary judgment which provides for a fine of 15 million plus the withholding of 5% of the UEFA premiums. Failure to re-enter the system would mean Real Mdrid, Barcelona and Juventus out of the 2023-2024 UEFA Champions League.

Meanwhile, the UEFA Champions League will have a new formula from the 2024-2025 season. We will move on to the cup with 36 teams and only one group. The details are being worked out.

The two places per ranking will be canceled.

The group stage must include 8 matches and not 10, to avoid an impossible schedule. Finally, the draw criteria have been established: the 36 teams will be divided into 4 bands; each team will meet 2 rivals from each tier.

The future of some UEFA Champions League stars

Robert Lewandowski has another year on his contract with Bayern Munich, but he talked about his future at the press conference, casting many doubts about his future: "Staying at Bayern Munich? It must be something both sides wanted.

me it's not an easy situation. Soon I think something will happen. I just know that soon there will be a meeting, but I don't know what will happen either. As I have said so far, I have not been told anything about my contract and my future.

nothing in particular happened. " Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn said some days ago: "Lewandowski is not leaving, we're not stupid. It takes time to convince him to stay." PSG sporting director Leonardo spoke to Sky Sport about the future of star Kylian Mbappé.

He said: "In Madrid they are a little too sure. When Kylian says he hasn't decided yet I believe him. We have a direct relationship, he is checking everything to make the best decision. He knows we want him here and he's the protege.

of all. Today he is the best player in the world. He will make his decision with us, the relationship is very good. " He also added: "Keylor Navas dualism with Donnarumma? The situation is clear from the beginning. We had a goalkeeper who was doing very well like Navas and we were very happy.

Donnarumma became one of the strongest goalkeepers in the world, it was an operation to do. despite the presence of Navas. Then they have to be managed and we tried to give rhythm and continuity to both of them. They know everything clearly: when the time comes, we will have no problem making a decision.

If there is a good one for everyone, we will consider it." Manchester United manager Ralf Rangnick at a press conference confirmed that Paul Pogba will leave the British club at the end of the season: "As of today, Pogba will not renew his contract.

It is very likely that he will not be here next season." And for the former Juventus midfielder, the chances of not returning to the pitch with the Manchester United shirt are strong between now and the end of the season.

A calf problem forced him to change in the match against Liverpool, played last Tuesday, and recovery times do not seem short. The doctor told us that for the recovery we need at least four weeks off."

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