News denied: Mino Raiola reportedly not dead!

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News denied: Mino Raiola reportedly not dead!
News denied: Mino Raiola reportedly not dead!

Although all the media reported that Mino Raiola was alive, it seems that this was false information, and that Raiola has still not passed away. However, he is in a difficult situation, and the situation seems critical. Dr.

Alberto Zangrillo from San Raffaele Hospital told: "I'm outraged by the phone calls from pseudo-journalists speculating on the life of a man who is fighting to survive." Raiola posted on Twitter: "Current health status for the ones wondering: p **** d off second time in 4 months they kill me.

Seem also able to resuscitate." His agency also issued a statement: "They're fake rumors. He [Mino Raiola] is not dead." And Rodriguez also said: "He's in a bad position, but he hasn't died." After that statement, Raiola decided to post on Twitter.

Mino Raiola hosipital

Mino Raiola has been in the hospital since January, where he is battling lung disease. The situation is not harmless at all, but Raiola will certainly fight to the end. Recall, Mino Raiola is a controversial manager who is probably the most prominent manager in the world, and his clients are some of the best players: Paul Pogba, Erlin Haaland, Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Raiola moved from Italy to the Netherlands, where he ran a restaurant with his father and grandfather. 'I worked hard, I cleaned dishes, waited on tables, I was a bartender but I never baked a pizza in my life - despite what has been written.'

Raiola gave a lot to his players, and he is like a father to them. He was always looking for the best for them and was there for them 24 hours a day. Raiola has a son, Mario 'Gold used to drive Mario around in his Ferrari.

I see Mario more now than I used to, I barely saw him growing up, I'd be away. 'That's this life, you have to do the work to get here, do the miles. I like to go and talk to the clubs, meet everyone. We all have different methods. '