Carlo Ancelotti: "After Real Madrid I could stop coaching"

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Carlo Ancelotti: "After Real Madrid I could stop coaching"
Carlo Ancelotti: "After Real Madrid I could stop coaching" (Provided by Financial World)

Carlo Ancelotti talks to Prime Video's microphones and talks, for the first time, about his retirement. He said "After Real, yes, I'll probably stop. If Real Madrid keeps me here for ten years, I'll train for ten years. I'd like to being with my grandchildren, going on vacation with my wife, there are so many things to do that I have left out that I would like to do.

Go to so many places that I have never been. I have never been to Australia. I have never been in Rio de Janeiro. To visit my sister more often. Unfortunately it's not that you can do everything, and therefore the day I stop I will have all these things to do.

Yes, there would be a national team but now it is premature. Certainly not for this World Cup.

Carlo Ancelotti: "After Real Madrid I stop coaching"

World cup 2026, why not? Could it be. Canada? Why not? I would like, of course.

Canada did very well. Mbappé can play with Benzema and Vinicius. Benzema has always progressed, he has not had a career of ups and downs, a career consistently at high levels. Maybe now he is at the highest level of his career than him.

Karim should not be trained, but not managed either. Karim must be used. Managed him he manages himself because he is a great professional, very humble, a great player. Karim is not told anything, this is the truth. He has solved many games for us, he has been decisive this season.

At the moment he is one of the most famous players in the world and he maintains a great humility, and I think this is his strength. You don't win only for Benzema, behind there is the strong structure of a strong club, and the quality of a high-level squad. Benzema Ballon d'Or? There is no if and but. I believe he will win it! "

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