Liverpool advances to the Champions League

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Liverpool advances to the Champions League

The Liverpool footballers advanced to the Champions League final after defending their 2-0 advantage against Villarreal in the first match tonight and securing a place in Paris in the final match of the world's most elite club football competition with a new victory (3: 2).

Although Liverpool came to Spain with a big advantage and it seemed that tonight's match would be just a routine duel, the Unai Emery team showed how inconvenient it can be and why Juventus and Bayern were eliminated in the earlier stages of this competition.

The beginning of the match immediately showed that a spectacle awaits us in Spain. It was the third minute when Villarreal took the lead with 1: 0, and the scorer of the goal was Dia, who followed the action of his team well and turned Capoue's assist into a goal for the lead.

That goal only gave extra wind to the back of the Villarreal players who continued with serious attacks on the Reds' goal, and the fruit of such a game came to them at the end of the first half, in the 41st minute. The assist was again recorded by Capoue, and in the right place was Coquelin who scored with a header for 2: 0, as soon as he annulled the lead of the guests from England.

Liverpool was on their knees at the time and there is no doubt that Klopp was very unhappy at half-time as his players played the worst half-time of the season, and what impact he had on his players and what kind of speech he gave them is the best indication of what we have seen below.

From the first minute of the second half, Liverpool fiercely attacked Villarreal's goal, and after several missed chances, Fabinho scored for 2: 1. Just five minutes later, reserve Diaz, a player who also "turned" the situation on the field and gave Liverpool the lead after entering the 46th minute, scored 2: 2, and in the 74th minute Mane scored the third goal for his team, brought them a complete turnaround and secured a place in the finals.

By the end of the match, Liverpool calmly brought the match to an end and defended the advantage and qualified for the Champions League final. It will be played in Paris on May 28, and the opponent Liverpool will be better from the duel between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

That match is played on Wednesday, and the Citizens are defending the 4: 3 advantage from the first duel. Watching tonight's duel between Villarreal and Liverpool, there is no doubt that a true football spectacle awaits us here as well.

Score and scorers: Villarreal - Liverpool 2: 3 (Dia 3 ', Coquelin 41' - Fabinho 62 ', Diaz 67', Mane 74 ')