Luke Chadwick: "They made fun of me about my physical appearance"

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Luke Chadwick: "They made fun of me about my physical appearance"

Luke Chadwick, former soccer player of Manchester United, won the Premier League in 2001, playing 16 games and scoring two goals. However, Chadwick is going through a very bad moment, which he tries to internalize within himself: The physical aspect of him, with a tooth that is a little too protruding, according to his dedractors.

He himself told how he had to lock himself in the house because everyone made fun of him for his physical appearance, even on TV, causing him mental health problems. During an interview with Sportbible he said: "They only made fun of me for my appearance.

It was awful and it made me feel bad about myself. People told me I was ugly and that my teeth were sticking out. It seemed like everyone was doing nothing else. What a laugh at me. And it wasn't like when someone teases you and you joke back.

This factor played a big part in how I was perceived as a footballer. I didn't want to be remembered just as the different looking one. And it's also why I didn't go out much."

Luke Chadwick: "They made fun of me about my physical appearance"

"I suffered from anxiety.

I was embarrassed by my situation, couldn't talk to anyone. I was just a quiet, quiet guy, didn't talk much. Over the years I have learned to deal with it and respond, but at the time I was just quiet and shy. Even if some team mates had brought up the subject, I don't think I would have talked about it.

In my family, someone tried every now and then, but I pretended that everything was fine. It is difficult to explain such a thing. Inside I felt terrible, but I wanted to keep outward the impression that I was strong, that it didn't tangle me.

The worst time? The night They Think It's All Over aired on the BBC, a sports-themed quiz. I remember looking forward to the program on Friday nights. I was terrified of looking at him, I thought please, don't say anything else.

I just wanted that, but every time it aired it felt like my physical appearance had to come up somehow. To the outside eye it might have seemed funny, but it gave the impression that everyone was thinking only of that. They treated me badly on the pitch, but I accept it, because it happens to everyone. What has bothered me the most is what happened outside. "