Former soccer player dies after jumping from a 30 meter cliff

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Former soccer player dies after jumping from a 30 meter cliff

Former Dutch soccer player Mourad Lamrabatte died after attempting a 30-meter dive from a cliff in Mallorca, Spain, where he was on vacation with his family. Lamrabatte was unable to avoid the rocks below him. The dive was filmed by his wife.

In the video we see Lamrabatte throwing himself into the void, then the crash on the rocks, the cries of the woman and his children, who shouted: "Oh my God." The autopsy found that he drowned in a semi-conscious state and not from the impact wounds.

Mourad had just turned 31. Lamrabatte's former Dutch soccer club, SBV Vitesse, expressed his condolences, in a statement: "The Vitesse wishes Mourad's family and friends much strength to cope with their great loss."

Mino Raiola's death

In the summer of 2010 and during the 2011 winter transfer market he acts as a mediator in the negotiations that lead Ibrahimović, Robinho, Mark van Bommel, Urby Emanuelson and Dídac Vilà to Milan and Mario Balotelli to Manchester City.

In the summer of 2012 he was the protagonist of the passage of Ibrahimović from Milan to Paris Saint-Germain and of Paul Pogba from Manchester Utd to Juventus. In January 2013 he deals with the transfer of Balotelli from Manchester City to Milan.

In 2014 he took care of the transfer of Balotelli from Milan to Liverpool and completed the negotiations for the renewal of Pogba's contract, linked to Juventus until 2019. In the summer of 2015 he took care of Balotelli's return from Liverpool to Milan.

The summer of 2016 saw him conclude many signings of his assistants with Manchester United: the free agent Ibrahimović, Henrik Mkhitaryan from Borussia Dortmund and Pogba from Juventus moved to the Red Devils; thanks to this last transfer (at the time the most expensive in the history of football) he secured a commission of 25 million euros.

The summer of 2019 sees him conclude various transactions, the most important of which is the transfer of Dutchman Matthijs de Ligt from Ajax to Juventus for a total of 75 million euros and of Kōstas Manōlas from Rome to Naples for 36 million.

In 2020, Forbes ranks him fourth in the world among the attorneys, with a turnover of 84.7 million dollars, having closed deals for 847.7 million dollars. On January 12, 2022, he underwent surgery to resolve a lung disease.

On the following 28 April he was hospitalized in serious health conditions at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan and two days later his family officially communicated his disappearance through his social channels.