Messi: Benzema deserved the Golden Ball, Real is not the best

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Messi: Benzema deserved the Golden Ball, Real is not the best

"I still think that Lewandowski deserved the Golden Ball a year earlier, but not last year. I told him that and let him understand how he wants it. "Benzema deserves it this year and I don't have the slightest dilemma about that," said Lionel Messi Lionel Messi rarely gives interviews, but now he opened himself in front of the cameras of the Argentine television TyC and talked about everything - leaving Barcelona, ​​the reception in Paris Saint-Germain, the Golden Ball he didn't deserve, whistles from fans, the trophy at the Copa America, Real League title champion ...

He won Copa America last year, which is the first trophy for Argentina in almost 30 years!

"We won the Copa America after so many years of waiting. It was a summer of complete happiness. I thought everything would stay the same, and then what happened in Barcelona happened.

It was a difficult change for me, "Messi admitted.

He went to PSG, but so far he has not lived up to expectations.

"Adaptation was not easy for me. I had everything in Barcelona. I came there as a child. It was beautiful for me and I had no plans to change anything ...

Fortunately, the children quickly adapted in Paris. Antonelli and I had a hard time. We cried the first day they left for school. I have to get used to a lot of new things. I came to a place where the style of play is different than in Barcelona.

I knew some players there all my life. "

He cannot regret the elimination from Real Madrid in the Champions League.

"I want to win the Champions League again and I am sorry that I did not succeed this season. A better team does not always win.

Without wanting to take away the merits, but Real was not the best in the Champions League. I know very well what Real Madrid is. We have been rivals all our lives and I knew what could happen to us. They scored a goal out of nowhere and turned the game around.

If something unforeseen happens or a goal is scored, I knew what could happen to us, as it happened to City, Chelsea, Liverpool ... This is not the first time. The Champions League is a competition situation, the best does not always win.

There are specific moments and psychological moments when even the slightest mistake knocks you out. Those who are ready for those situations, reach the finals or become champions. At Real, they managed those situations the best and that is why they are champions.


He was a deity in Barcelona, ​​in Paris his fans and teammates treated him to whistles.

"It was not easy for me this year in Paris, I did not enjoy football as much as I could, but I am convinced that will change.

That anger of the fans is incomprehensible to me. It is not the first time that the team dropped out of the Champions League. I don't understand whistles. " For years, he was labeled as the main culprit in his homeland, because the national team cannot win anything.

This is why he temporarily withdrew from the national team. "I have said many times that victories are not the only thing that matters. We did a lot of things that were not appreciated, such as qualifying for the World Cup finals or Copa America.

We had bad treatment that we didn’t deserve. We have done a lot for the national team. I don't remember when people in Argentina were as happy as during the World Cup in Brazil, and then after the lost final, everything changed.

"After everything that happened and the era in which I was 'killed' in public because of the national team, I had to swallow some things."

The upcoming World Cup in Qatar will probably be the last chance for Messi to conquer the world with Argentina.

"We have a team that can beat everyone, but that does not mean that we are favorites.

I want this trophy for myself, the team, the country of Argentina. What will happen after that, I don't know. I'll think about it and we'll see what happens next. I didn't even think about leaving Barcelona, ​​so it happened.

"In football, things change quickly."

He also spoke about the last Golden Ball that belonged to him

Most think he didn't deserve it. Robert Lewandowski later said that. "Everyone has the right to say what they want.

I don't agree with what he said, but I don't care much. I said what I thought. I still think he deserved the Golden Ball a year earlier, but he didn’t last year. I told him that and let him understand how he wants it.

Benzema deserves it this year and I don't have the slightest dilemma about it. He won the Champions League and the Primera, had a spectacular season and was a key man in every knockout phase match. I am convinced that he will win the Golden Ball ", said Messi.