Harry Maguire on bomb threat: "My mentality is that .."

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Harry Maguire on bomb threat: "My mentality is that .."

Harry Maguire was shocked after the bomb threat at his home, back in April this year. Maguire is furious about everything, aware of his flaws and bad season, but things seem to have gone too far.
"Obviously I'm in a position where I’m going to be criticised, Manchester United paid a large sum of money for me, it is one of the most loved clubs in the world and also one of the most hated in the world as well," said Maguire, who joined the Red Devils in a £80m move from Leicester in 2019"- Maguire sad for sportbible.

"We know we are under the most scrutiny. I totally accept criticism when we concede goals or make mistakes, I'm big enough to accept people getting on my back and saying I can improve. "There is a line where we are human beings, I do have a family.

People ask if it affects me. My mentality is that it doesn't affect me too much but when it comes to bomb threats, it is more about family. "My fiancée Fern, I'm just happy my kids are at an age where they don't read things and see things on the news.

If my kids were an older age, they could see things and go to school and people are speaking about it, that is when it affects you a little bit more."

England national team

Harry Maguire also spoke about England fans and successes with the national team.

"From my England debut, the England fans have been amazing with me, I have had some amazing times. I've been involved in some of the biggest games. I have been involved in the biggest games of our country's recent history," added Maguire.

"The journey I have been on since my debut five years ago to now I have had amazing times with the fans, and I am not going to let the minority, I don’t know how many it was, 10-20 people doing that in the Ivory Coast game to affect my relationship with the England fans, no.

"I think I was more surprised rather than taking it all in, I was a bit shocked to be honest. Like I said, I've had such a good relationship with the England fans throughout my journey with the England team.