Ukrainian football player, Oleksandr Zinchenko in tears: We must stop Russia!

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Ukrainian football player, Oleksandr Zinchenko in tears: We must stop Russia!

Ukraine is in a difficult situation, given that there is currently a war in that country. One of the most famous football players in Ukraine, Oleksandr Zinchenko sent a clear message and asked for the war to end! “Every Ukrainian wants one thing – to stop this war,” he said, as quoted by talksport “I have spoken with people from all around the world, from different countries.

I have also spoken to some Ukrainian kids who just don’t understand what’s happening back in Ukraine. They only want the war to stop. They have one dream, to stop the war. “When it comes to football, the Ukrainian team have their own dream.

We want to go to the World Cup, we want to give this incredible emotion to the Ukrainians because Ukrainians deserve it so very much at this moment”. The Ukrainian team must beat Wales if they want to qualify: “I’m pretty sure that all Ukraine who has this opportunity is going to watch us, and we are going to feel this support 100 per cent.

“We can speak a lot but we need to do it on the pitch. We are going to try to make them happy and proud”.

Scottish fans and Ukraine anthem

There is a chance that Scottish fans will learn the anthem and thus pay their respects to Ukraine.

Zinchenko praised it.
“We have to be together, we have to fight Russian aggression, we have to defeat that evil,” he added. “So this is an amazing, amazing initiative. “A lot of countries maybe don’t understand that today is Ukraine, tomorrow could be you.

So that’s why we need to be united and defeat this Russian aggression all together”. The coach of Ukraine, Oleksandr Petrakov, has a difficult task at the moment. “We use all sorts of methods, even jokes.

We motivate people in a light manner. But clearly every player understands how huge the task is,” he said. “That will make their task even more difficult, working under a lot of stress. But we are trying to do our best and achieve results. The team is fully prepared”.