Andy Goram: "I have terminal cancer, I am 6 months old"

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Andy Goram: "I have terminal cancer, I am 6 months old"

Andy Goram, former Glosgow Rangers goalkeeper in the 1990s, aged 58, said he has terminal cancer and is only six months old. He said to Daily Record: "I will fight like never before. The disease has spread, reaching the liver, right lung, three vertebrae and some ribs.

Doctors only gave me six months to live, which could become nine with chemotherapy. Chemo? There is no talk of prolonging an agony with no quality of life. It is out of the question. Miriam had a goal and now she more or less defeated the disease.

I remember how her partner had to help her up the stairs for weeks, but my problem is that there is no way out of which to do it. It all started a little over two months ago. I thought I had severe indigestion, I felt a blockage in my throat.

It all got worse in a few weeks, everything I ate or drank didn't even reach the middle of my stomach and I ended up throwing up.

Andy Goram: "I have terminal cancer, I am 6 months old"

For two weeks I was unable to see my doctor, so much so that I was sick.

After doing the CT scan I was told that I had to collect the results with a close relative. There the alarm bell rang and I understood. The surgeon explained to me that he is inoperable. My son Danny broke down, I was trying to assess the situation.

They had to put a stent in my esophagus to unblock it. The operation was successful but the pain was unbearable, nothing to do with everything I went through between the knee and the Achilles tendon. Now the priority has become to get the right blend of painkillers and morphine, the amount of medication I am taking has made me realize further how serious the situation is.

I have to take them almost religiously, otherwise they are serious trouble. The doctor told me to enjoy everyday life, trying to be as natural as possible. The pain is now manageable, I can go visit friends and go to some fan club while still being myself. The only difference is a ticking time bomb."